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Thursday 06 October 2022
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Day of Pardon of Assisi - Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli

Assisi (PG) -

Day of Pardon of Assisi - Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli - Assisi - Pg

1-2 August 2013

In 1216, Francis of Assisi asked and obtained permission from his Lord to the small chapel of the Portiuncula of Assisi - the church he loved and that was the frame of the significant events of his spiritual life - the greatest gift: his Forgiveness. Not only for themselves but for everyone they had been requested with a contrite heart. The approval of the Mother Church, in the person of his supreme pastor, the Pope Honorius III, sealed and acknowledged the truth of the divine concession, allowing Francis to give joyfully proclaim to all the faithful gathered, as shown in the altarpiece of all Prete Ilario ' Portiuncula interior thereof, with the words "My brothers, I want us all in Heaven."

He was born, so, the "Pardon of Assisi" which converge towards the church saw a river of pilgrims increasing, as to suggest the construction of a basilica suitable to receive them: what is now the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli which preserves on the inside, like a treasure chest, the little Portiuncula. Thanks to the Poverello of Assisi, the Portiuncula, the little church dedicated to St. Maria degli Angeli, about eight centuries for every believer in Christ is a "door" for eternal life.

Currently the Portiuncula is possible, according to the known conditions (sacramental confession, Eucharistic communion, recitation of the Creed, the Our Father and a prayer for the intentions of the Holy Father), receive daily plenary indulgence for themselves or for their dead . In particular, this capability is extended, by noon on 1 August and all day on 2 August, to all Franciscan churches and parishes all over the world. And because this could be realized the dream of Francis of Assisi to give everyone a chance just to cross the threshold of Paradise.

At the Sanctuary of the Portiuncula this year the party will be, as usual, characterized by both religious and celebratory events, both from the most popular cultural. We give a short list.

Some moments of celebration:

August 1:

- 11.00 am Solemn Eucharistic Celebration presided by MRP Michael Perry, OFM, Minister General of the Order of Friars Minor, and Procession "Opening of Forgiveness."

- 19.00 Pilgrimage of the Diocese of Assisi, First Vespers of the Solemnity presided by Archbishop Domenico Sorrentino, Bishop of Assisi - Nocera Umbra - Gualdo Tadino. Offering of incense by the Mayor of Assisi, dr. Claudio Ricci

- 21.30 Prayer Vigil for the family. Presiding Bishop Mario Ceccobelli, Bishop of Gubbio.

August 2:

- 11.00 am Solemn Mass presided by Cardinal Carlo ERA Caffara, Archbishop of Bologna and Supplication to Our Lady of the Angels.

- 15.00 Arrival of the Franciscan March XXXIII

- 18.00 pm Solemn Mass presided by Archbishop Domenico Sorrentino, Bishop of Assisi - Nocera Umbra - Gualdo Tadino

Some moments of recreation and cultural activities:

- At the Piazza della Portiuncula, Monday, August 1, 2013, at 18.00, the "Refreshment of the Pilgrim", a moment of conviviality and free on-site dining and in collaboration with the Pro Loco of Santa Maria degli Angeli.

- At the Piazza della Portiuncula, Tuesday 2 August 2012, at 21.30, the traditional Concert of Forgiveness with a performance of "Cayo Central Asian Youth Orchestra", conducted by Maestro Gerardo Colella.

- In the days of the feast, at the Museum of the Portiuncula, you can visit the exhibition: "From the Word, the Image. The art of reading the Bible. "

- In view of the Jubilee of Pardon of 2016, exceptionally, Monday, Aug. 1, at 17.00, at the Theatre of Mats of the Domus Pacis (in front of the Basilica), you will hear a contemporary thinker who reflected on Francis of Assisi and His forgiveness. It is Massimo Cacciari, well-known philosopher.

- Some events of the festival will be broadcast by Radio Umbria (especially the wake of the First August for families and Mass of August 2, 11.00), whose frequencies are: 92 and 97.2 MHz. Or on the webtv of the Portiuncula (see website).

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